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Graphite bearings and seals of various types and dimensions:

At manufacture and application of the sliding and bearing graphite components, it is important to know the conditions under which the elements are to operate. It depends on temperature, chemical features of environment but also on the way of friction at application of the given component
Graphite seal circles and segments are utilized mainly in shaft gasket in water turbines, as well as in automobile radiators, steam heads of the paper, textile and chemical facilities
Graphite slide bearings are also chemically resistant, self-lubricant and not requiring maintenance. They are suitable for dry and wet friction
They are often impregnated by phenol-formaldehyde resin, paraffin or metal alloys (antimony, babbitt)

We offer this graphite products:

Slide bearings
Seal rings
Turbine segments

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Graphite Bush And Bearings

Product Specification Graphite Bearings And Seals Of Various Types And Dimensions: At Manufacture And Application Of The Sliding And Bearing Graphite Components, It Is Important To Know The Conditions Under Which The Elements Are To Operate. It Depends On Temperature, Chemical Features Of Environment But Also On The Way Of Friction At Application Of The Given Component Graphite Seal Circles And Segments Are Utilized Mainly In Shaft Gasket In Water Turbines, As Well As In Automobile Radiators, S... Read more